"If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land." II Chronicles 7:14

Hour of Prayer

Website visitors can forward an email to find out the exact Baltimore location of prayer.

Street Prayer Saturday, April 28th 2018, 8:30 a.m., corners of Bel Air Rd and Greenmount Avenue


In 2017, the Baltimore homicide deaths totaled 343 victims. Though Chicago has been spotlighted as a gruesome place of genocide in 2017, Baltimore is among the high homicide rates in U.S. urban cities. Our historic city has become the "deathplace" for thousands of citizens. For this year 2018, crime has claimed these precious lives:

2018 Deaths

March 2018

3/4 Jashawn Ivory-age 35
3/8 Montrel Rivers-age 20
3/9 Ronald Preston-age 30
3/10 Dannta Holmes-age 39
3/13 Charles Wiggins-age 60
3/16 Charles Tate-age 21
3/18 George Michael Hill-age 58
3/19 Deon Garner-age 26
3/20 Damon Hall-age 38
3/21 Ricky Dale Jones-age 40
3/28 Dumphna Ava Powell-age 46
3/31 Ohigee Parker-age 21
3/31 Emani Marshall-age 19

February 2018

2/3 Jerrell Briceage- 18
2/13 John Townes, Jr.-age 56
2/17 Sean Sewell-age 22
2/19 Andreas Tamaris-age 47
2/21 Dorian Cook-age 32
2/21 Juwann Eskridge-age 20
2/21 Tyrone Manning-age 32
2/24 Preston Green-age 26
2/25 Jasmine Chandler-age 28
2/26 Shareef Washington-age 41
2/26 Paul Jackson-age 33
2/27 Tyrelle Kimble-age 25
2/27 Shamar Poole-age 38

January 2018

1/1 Andre Galloway-age 16
1/1 Brian Taylor-age 30
1/2 Robert Moore-age 50
1/3 Michael Rogers-age 31
1/5 Tavon Harrington-age 26
1/6 Calvin Phillips-age 22
1/8 Daniel Williams-age 21
1/10 Eric Staton-age 46
1/11 Kabreya Coleman-age 24
1/12 Donnell Candy Jr.-age 29
1/12 Barry Henderson-age 26
1/19 Marco Byrd-age 26
1/19 Juan Williams-age 47
1/20 Herman White-age 51
1/21 Darone Johnson-age 27
1/22 Geraldo Freeman-age 27
1/23 Sean Dyer-age 34
1/24 Qunintez Harris-age 26
1/25 Darren McCullum-age 24
1/28 Anthony Kenney-age 39
1/30 Raymond Wyatt-age 42
1/30 Vashon Conyers-age 30


This is a solicitation for the intercessors and prayer warriors all over the city to begin human prayer chains outside of your sanctuaries and in front of your church buildings. This is an interdenominational petition, understanding that unity and the power of prayer transcends denominations. As believers across Baltimore incline God's ear, the expectation is for God, through this prayer movement, to revolutionize this city. We are committed to being intercessors until we see a change in the crime/homicide rate (preferably to zero).

The suggested strategy employed is likened to that of the Israelites in the Old Testament. It is true that God made them victorious over their adversaries and "delivered" the enemies into their hands. They prayed from the Tabernacle but then girded up, went to the battlefield, and made themselves visible to the adversary. Assembling ourselves to pray is what believers have been doing all along, but strategically changing our position from inside the church to the outside and being visible to evildoers in our communities adds an audiovisual impact to our prayer.

We admonish every believer to get involved and here's how:

  1. Speak with the church leaders / pastor about starting a human prayer chain at your local church. This consists of linking arms/holding hands with the congregants and designating one person to lead the prayer.

  2. Decide on a convenient time to have the prayer. For example, prayer participants can convene either a few minutes before or after an already scheduled worship service.

  3. Post a request for participants on your church bulletin board or have it read in your church announcements.

  4. Be consistent with the prayer chain, and make it an integral part of the church's weekly activities.